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This journal provides a forum for exchanging ideas about theory, methodology and fundamental issues related to the world of health which include nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine (herbal), occupational therapy, prosthetic orthotics, speech therapy, public health, medicine, and health education. The submission process is open throughout the year. All texts submitted will be through multiple peer reviews and editorial reviews before being accepted for publication. In 2012, the magazine published online with the name of Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan Interest, starting with Vol.1 No.1 with the printed version of ISSN 2252-5432 and the online version from 2579-6135 in accordance with LIPI policy. Starting in June 2019, Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan Interest uses an Open Journal System that requires all authors to register before they are allowed to upload the manuscript they write online. 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The Accreditation is valid until 2024.</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <table class="announcements"> <tbody> <tr class="title"> <td class="title"> <h4>EDITORIAL: ENGLISH LANGUAGE</h4> </td> <td class="more">&nbsp;</td> </tr> <tr class="description"> <td class="description">Since Vol. 6 No. 1 March 2021, <strong>Interest: Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan</strong><strong>&nbsp;</strong>only receives full-text manuscript in&nbsp;<strong>ENGLISH</strong>. Thank you.</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> Poltekkes Kemenkes Surakarta en-US Interest : Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan 2252-5432 Lama Hari Rawat Pasien Stroke <p><strong><em>Background: </em></strong><em>Stroke has remained the leading cause of death globally in the last 15 years. </em><em>Stroke is rapidly developing clinical signs of focal or global disturbance of cerebral function. Hospitalization is a treatment process which including patient to stay at the hospital. Length of stay is influenced by the type of stroke.&nbsp; </em><em>This&nbsp; study aimed to know classification of stroke and length of stay of stroke patients.</em><em> <strong>Method</strong></em><strong><em>s</em></strong><strong><em>:</em></strong> <em>The study was a descriptive study with restrospective design. Data collected from medical record from May until December 2020 in RS PKU Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. There were 207 patients with stroke. Descriptive data is then processed. </em><strong><em>Results:</em></strong> <em>The results showed the highest percentage stroke patients male (50,24%), non hemorrhagic stroke (57,49%), length of stay hemorrhagic stroke 8 days.</em> <strong><em>Conclusion:</em></strong> <em>The result of this study may provide nursing research in patients with stroke.</em></p> Novita Nirmalasari Muhamat Nofiyanto Rizqi Wahyu Hidayati ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2020-11-30 2020-11-30 9 2 117 122 10.37341/interest.v9i2.196 Analysis Of Effectiveness Of Online Learning Pandemic Covid-19 In Prosthetic Orthotic Major In Polkesta <p><strong><em>Background:</em></strong><em> Prosthetic Orthotics Major in Polkesta conducts online lectures in order to support government efforts in the even semester 2019/2020, starting from March 2020 until the end of the even semester. Several online applications are used in support of online lectures. &nbsp;This study was conducted to analyze the effectiveness of online learning during the covid-19 pandemic in the orthotic prosthetic Major in Polkesta Indonesia. <strong>Methods:</strong> This is quantitative descriptive study. This research uses survey method using online Google Form questionnaire. The population is students of Prosthetic Orthotic Major, There are 322 respondents who are willing to contribute in the research. Data obtained through filling in questions that are shared with all respondents in the form of google form. Then the collected data was analyzed and described. The components contained in the questionnaire consisted of several questions, namely (1) Do you understand online learning at the time of the Covid-19 Pandemic; (2) Do you think online learning at Prosthetic Orthotic Major Polkesta was effective; (3) Which online&nbsp; application is used for online learning that is effective in your opinion; (4) Which online learning model do you feel effective; (5) Types of assignments that make you understand during online learning; (6) What media do you use when implementing online learning; (7) are there any obstacles when you carry out online learning (8) What obstacles do you face when implementing learning. <strong>Results: </strong>there are 67 % of students felt less effective, 14% of students felt ineffective, 20 % of students felt effective. Applications used by students and felt to be effective are Google meet, google classroom, WhatsApp Group. Learning methods using Life video conferencing are felt to be the most effective. <strong>Conclusion: </strong>Online learning process in the prosthetic orthotic major is not felt to be quite effective by students. </em></p> Nur Rachmat ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2020-11-30 2020-11-30 9 2 123 133 10.37341/interest.v9i2.198 Pengetahuan Remaja Tentang Konsumsi Alkohol <p><strong><em>Background: </em></strong><em>Alcohol misuse increase between adolescent. They</em><em> are more concerned with peer’s solidarity</em><em> in drinking</em><em> without being accompanied by a good knowledge.</em><em> The aim of this study is to define adolescent’s knowledge about alcohol consumption. </em><strong><em>Method</em></strong><strong><em>s</em></strong><strong><em>:</em></strong> <em>A Cross Sectional study was conducted in </em><em>3</em><em>5 </em><em>alcoholic adolescent &nbsp;</em><em>respondents</em><em> with 12-22 years age range. </em><strong><em>Results:</em></strong> <em>Knowledge </em><em>assesment </em><em>result </em><em>showed that </em><em>60% respondents ha</em><em>d</em><em> a </em><em>lack of</em><em> knowledge, and </em><em>100% had negative attitudes and practices towards Alcohol consumption. </em><strong><em>Conclusion:</em></strong> <em>Lack of knowledge related alcohol consumption in adolescents can spread to another risk behaviors in adolescents. Health workers should optimize the youth program such as PKPR in puskesmas by conducting health education especially on alcoholism and the long-term impact in the future.</em></p> Irma Darmawati Lita Nurlita Helwiyah Ropi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2020-11-30 2020-11-30 9 2 134 141 10.37341/interest.v9i2.201 Pola Asuh Orang Tua Mempengaruhi Kemampuan Self Care Pada Anak Autisme <p><strong><em>Background: </em></strong><em>Autism is one of the serious development disorders of a child, which causes problem in the ability of daily life, one of which is self care. The role of parents, especially of parenting parents is very influential for self care ability in autistic children.Aims of this study is to analize corelation betwen parenting parents to self care ability in autism. &nbsp;<strong>Methods:</strong> The study design uses Descriptive Correlation, that is a correlation between two variables is parenting and ability self care in autistic children<strong>. </strong>With a Cross-Sectional approach. The amount of samples used was 47respondents, using the Purposive sampling technique and collecting data using The Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory with the test results using the contingency coefficient. That tested whether there is a correlation between two variables is parenting and ability self care in autistic children. <strong>Results: </strong></em><em>The results of study found the majority of parents implementing democratic parenting as many as 25 people (53,2%) and 24 children (51,1%) with the ability to self care quite capable. </em><em>The test results using the contingency coefficient obtained of p value of 0,000 (p&lt;0,05) which means that these results indicate a correlation of parenting with ability self care in autistic children, a correlation strength value of </em><em>0,659 (strong power). </em><strong><em>Conclusion</em></strong><strong><em>: </em></strong><em>The researcher suggests that parents provide many positive activities in terms of eating and drinking, dreesing, personal hygiene, and toileting so that children can independently do self care.</em></p> Ni Made Purnamaningsih I Gusti Putu Satya Laksmi Ni Luh Putu Devhy ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2020-11-30 2020-11-30 9 2 142 148 10.37341/interest.v9i2.204 Terapi Komplementer Relaksasi Otot Progresif Jacobson Untuk Menurunkan Tekanan Darah Pada Penderita Hipertensi <p><strong><em>Background: </em></strong><em>Hypertension is a condition of an increase in blood pressure from the normal range of 120/80 mmHg. If there is no action is taken to reduce blood pressure, it can lead to serious complications. </em><em>Jacobson’s</em><em> progressive muscle relaxation can be used as an action in reducing high blood pressure. Aims of this study is to analize effect of </em><em>Jacobson’s</em><em> progressive muscle relaxation to decrease blood pressure. <strong>Methods:</strong></em> <em>This research used a quasi-experimental method and a sample of 16 respondents. JPMR Therapy is carried out for three weeks with three times each week. The action is carried out for 30 minutes.</em> <em>Blood pressure measured by spyghnomanometer before and after intervention. </em><strong><em>Results:</em></strong> <em>the result of this intervention</em> <em>showed a P-Value is 0,0001</em><em>, which means blood pressure decreases after intervention</em><em>. <strong>Conclusions:</strong></em> <em>This intervention is proven to be a complementary therapy for hypertension suffers. For this intervention to have the maximum results for blood pressure reduction, patients must routinely intervene every day along with the ingestion of the drug.</em> <em>The need for more research is how long normal blood pressure persists with JPMR.</em></p> Diah Ratnawati Rosiana Rosiana ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2020-11-30 2020-11-30 9 2 149 159 10.37341/interest.v9i2.205 Perawatan Luka Diabetes Mellitus Menggunakan Teknik Modern Dressing <p><strong><em>Background:</em></strong><em> The most common complication in patients with diabetes mellitus tippe 2 (DM) is diabetic ulcers, where the tissue deformity occurs either partially (Partial Thickness) or completely (Full Thickness). If not handled properly and appropriately, ulcers can become infected. Where leg ulcers, infection, neuroarthropathy and peripheral artery disease are the causes of gangrene and lower limb amputations</em><em>.</em> <em>T</em><em>he aim of this </em><em>study </em><em>&nbsp;is to determine the effectiveness of wound healing in the treatment of diabetes mellitus wounds using modern dressing techniques. <strong>Methods</strong>: the literature review (LR) method uses meta-analysis where the data used is a database of searches using MEDLINE (PubMed), Google Scholar, Science Direct, Surgery Science and Sci-Hub. Reports published from 2010-2020 that focused on modern wound care dressings for wound healing of type 2 diabetes mellitus were identified.</em> <strong><em>Results:</em></strong><em> Based on the analysis of the journal, there are nursing implications that have been compared from 10 journals, it was found that the treatment of type two diabetes mellitus wounds using modern dressing techniques is more effective in wound healing, by accelerating granulation and healing of the various types of dressings used, each of which has advantages. in terms of wound healing type 2 diabetes mellitus. <strong>Conclusion: </strong>The use of modern dressing techniques is effective in wound healing in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus wounds. Researchers suggest that they be able to conduct research related to modern wound care dressings such as the use of alginate dressings, foam dressings, hydrogel dressings, moisture dressings, silver dressings, hydrophilic polyurethane foam dressings, acellular matrix dressings, and others related to wound care using modern dressing techniques. . Further research needs to be done by paying attention to the latest evidence-based practice journals to enrich knowledge about wound care with modern dressing techniques for diabetes mellitus wounds</em><em>.</em></p> Alberikus Dimantika Sugiyarto Sugiyarto Yuyun Setyorini ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2020-11-30 2020-11-30 9 2 160 172 10.37341/interest.v9i2.210 Kombinasi Senam Mata dan Pemberian Kencur Dalam Menurunkan Tingkat Nyeri Mata Lelah Pada Penjahit <p><strong><em>Background: </em></strong><em>Eye fatigue is often referred to as eye strain or asthenopia. Eye fatigue can be caused by work that requires high focus such as sewing. One of the symptoms of eye fatigue is eye pain. The World Health Organization (WHO) records that the incidence of asthenopia (tired eyes) in the world is an average of 75% per year. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of a combination therapy between eye exercise and giving kencur (aromatic ginger/Kaempferia galanga) on the pain level of eye fatigue. <strong>Methods:</strong> This is a quasi-experimental research design with pretest and posttest nonequivalent control group. The research samples were selected using a Non-Probability Sampling technique with a consecutive sampling method. The number of samples selected was 36, they were divided into the experiment group and the control group. Therapy is given once. Bivariate analysis was performed using Wilcoxon test, paired t-test and independent t-test. The research instrument used was the NRS pain scale. <strong>Results:</strong> The experiment group’s pre-posttest pain scales were 5.06 and 2.78. The control group’s pre-posttest pain scales were 4.50 and 4.00. The bivariate test results of the pre-posttest pain scale of the experiment group and the control group showed p values = 0.000 and 0.001. The results of the bivariate test on the posttest between the experimental group and the control group showed p value = 0.028. <strong>Conclusion:</strong> Combination of eye exercise and giving kencur has been scientifically proven to reduce eye fatigue better than just eye exercise.</em></p> Adi Sucipto Fajarina Lathu Asmarani Nurrohmah Nurrohmah ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2020-11-30 2020-11-30 9 2 173 182 10.37341/interest.v9i2.214 Family Disaster Planning Untuk Meningkatkan Pengetahuan dan Sikap Disabilitas Dalam Menghadapi Bencana <p><strong><em>Background:</em></strong><em> The family as the smallest unit in society has a share in disaster preparedness, especially for families with disabilities, this is due to the lack of disaster management for families with disabilities. According to a 2013 UN global survey, worldwide 20% of people with disabilities can save themselves and 31% of people say they need someone who can help during a disaster. Imogiri Bantul District is the red zone that suffered the worst damage and from the results of preliminary studies disaster prepared families have not been formed in real terms. Aims of this study is to analize effect pamily disaster planning to improve knowledge and ability disability person in disaster. <strong>Methods:</strong> Quasi eksperiment pre and post test without control. Research instrument with preparedness instrument. There are 31 subjects in this research. <strong>Results: </strong>Knowledge and attitude to prepare disaster in disabilities can improve significantly p&lt;0.005 (Wilcoxon test)<strong>. Conclusion: </strong>&nbsp;With family disaster planning the knowledge and attitude can improve significantly to prepare disaster in disabilities and their family.</em></p> Brigitta Ayu Dwi Susanti Eva Nurlina Aprilia ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2020-11-30 2020-11-30 9 2 183 191 10.37341/interest.v9i2.248 Peran Orang Tua Dalam Perkembangan Ketrampilan Awal Literasi Anak <p><strong><em>Background:</em></strong><em> Literacy is a supporting component of children's academic success. Literacy ability is influenced by interdependent language skills. Limitations on early literacy skills increase the chance of academic process obstacles at school age. The role of parents is crucial in the child's development process especially in literacy. Aim this study is to describe correlation between parental variabels and early literacy skills. &nbsp;<strong>Methods:</strong> This cross sectional research was conducted with a survey approach. The instrument was developed to explore demographic information, socioeconomic status, and the role of parents in developing early literacy skills. Statistic descriptive and correlation study was conducted to analyse 180 respondent data. <strong>Results:</strong> The role of parents has contributed to the development of early literacy skills. Parental history, mother's education, and language activities have a positive relationship with the development of early literacy skills. <strong>Conclusions:</strong> The role of parents is one of the multivariate variables that play a role in the development of early literacy skills. Further search is needed to see the extent of the role of parents in carrying out specific activities that are relevant to children's literacy abilities.</em></p> Hafidz Triantoro Aji Pratomo Muryanti Muryanti ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2020-11-30 2020-11-30 9 2 192 200 10.37341/interest.v9i2.251 Pilihan Terapi Infeksi Covid-19 Pada Anak <p><strong><em>Background:</em></strong> <em>Not all Covid-19 infections in children are mild and show a good prognosis, so it is very important to define them as a vulnerable population. Information related to the treatment of Covid-19 infection in children is still very limited, so the authors are interested in conducting a systematic review to discuss and provide information related to various types of drugs and treatment of Covid-19 infection in children. </em><strong><em>Method</em></strong><strong><em>s</em></strong><strong><em>:</em></strong> <em>A systematic database search was carried out in July 2020 through the PUBMED and Google Scholar databases. Keywords used include: "children and COVID-19" and "COVID-19 in children and treatment" and "Covid-19 in children and management". </em><strong><em>Result</em></strong><strong><em>s</em></strong><strong><em>:</em></strong> <em>The results of the collection of articles were 7 articles that showed various alternative therapies for Covid-19 in children, including &nbsp;traditional Chinese medicine,&nbsp; providing antivirus, giving RNA inhibitors, &nbsp;giving supportive therapy in the form of oxygen. The principle of treatment or treatment in children must follow the symptoms caused by minimizing the administration of antiviral drugs. </em><strong><em>Conclusion:</em></strong><strong><em> &nbsp;</em></strong><em>Supportive therapy is still an option, in the country of origin of the SARS-CoV2 virus, namely Cina, the principles of traditional medicine are widely used in children compared to medical treatment in the form of providing antivirals, because previous studies did not show high effectiveness of antivirals in children.</em></p> Joko Tri Atmojo Rejo Rejo Dewi Arradini Aquartuti Tri Darmayanti Aris Widiyanto ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2020-11-30 2020-11-30 9 2 201 211 10.37341/interest.v9i2.218 Edukasi Menggunakan Booklet Preconception Care Meningkatkan Pengetahuan dan Self Efficacy Calon Pengantin <p><strong><em>Background</em></strong><em>: </em><em>The bride and groom are part of the preconception care program targets. The period before conception for the bride and groom is very important to consider in order to prepare for a healthy pregnancy. Aim of this study is to analize the effect of giving the preconception care booklet on the knowledge and self efficacy of the prospective bride and groom (catin). </em><strong><em>Methods</em></strong><em>: </em><em>The research method used was quantitative with a quasi experimental approach pre and post test without control. with a total sample of 56 people (28 catin), assessing knowledge and self-efficacy using a questionnaire. The intervention given to respondents was education with preconception booklets. </em><strong><em>Results</em></strong><em>: The results of the analysis showed that in the pre and post groups both knowledge and self-efficacy obtained a p-value of 0.000 &lt;0.05 so that there was a difference between the pre-test and post-test levels of knowledge on reproductive health and sef efficacy of the prospective bride and groom. This means that Ha is rejected and Ho is accepted. </em><strong><em>Conclusion</em></strong><em>: Recommendation in this study is the influence of giving the Preconception Care Booklet on the knowledge and Self Efficacy of the bride and groom.</em></p> Yunita Wulandari Wahyu Dwi Aguissafutri Wahyuningsih Safitri ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2020-11-30 2020-11-30 9 2 212 219 10.37341/interest.v9i2.254 Pengaruh Model Aplikasi Control Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 (CDMT2) Terhadap Kualitas Hidup Pada Pasien Diabetes Mellitus Tipe 2 <p><strong><em>Background:</em></strong><em> Diabetes mellitus type&nbsp; 2 is&nbsp; incurable but can be controlled by&nbsp; control blood sugar and improves the quality of life of diabetics. The prevalence of diabetes mellitus based on the diagnosis of doctors and the age of ≥15 years in Banten Province increased in 2013 by 1.3% while in 2018 by 2.2% (Riskesdas, 2018).&nbsp; The &nbsp;purpose of this study was to find out the effects of the CDMT2 application model on the quality of life of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. <strong>Methods:</strong>&nbsp; The method in this study is one group of&nbsp; pretest posttest. Sampling techniques in this study used total sampling with a total of 384 respondents with type 2 diabetes mellitus in Banten. The instruments used were the DQOL questionnaire and the cdmt2 application model. <strong>Results:</strong>&nbsp; Results from quantity analysis using Simple Paired T-Test showed the influence of cdmt2 application model on the quality of life of&nbsp; DM sufferers (value P = 0.000) P &lt;0.05. Cdmt2 application has a real effect on the quality of life of dm type 2 sufferers. <strong>Conclusion: </strong>The Cdmt2 application model has a noticeable effect on the quality of life of people with type 2 diabetes mellitus health promotion related to type 2 diabetes mellitus.</em></p> Ida Faridah Ade Purnama Yati Afiyanti ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2020-11-30 2020-11-30 9 2 220 225 10.37341/interest.v9i2.241 Faktor Determinan Pemanfaatan Posbindu <p><strong><em>Background:</em></strong><em> Posbindu is part of the health service system covering promotive and preventive. Educational institution is dihambau to provide health facilities one of them Posbindu. Students are the most important part of educational institutions to support the need for healthy physical and psychological conditions. Posbindu can detect early risk of untransmitted diseases, including hypertension and obesity at the age of 18 years and above. Purpose of this study is to know the factors that affect the utilization of Posbindu. <strong>Methods: </strong>of research, a detailed analytical approach, the population of all active students in STIKES Mamba'ul ' Ulum Surakarta 258 people, sampling with purposive random sampling, a sample based on Solvin formula obtained from 94 respondents. Data retrieval using physical test result when in (BMI and blood pressure index) and questionnaire contains about the condition of the respondent's health and the utilization of in, each variable of ordinal and Inteval scale. <strong>Results:</strong> Respondents with a level of knowledge about Posbindu category quite 79%, BMI category ideal body weight 74%. <strong>Conslusion</strong>: Normal average blood pressure 65%, regular visit at Posbindu 2x visit. The results of a simple linear regression analysis test in the right factor on the utilization of Posbidu is knowledge, BMI and health status with a significance of 0.000 &lt; 0.05.</em></p> Isnani Nurhayati Tri Yuniarti Sri Sayekti Heni Sunaryanti Sri Iswahyuni Anas Rahmad Hidayat ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2020-11-30 2020-11-30 9 2 226 236 10.37341/interest.v9i2.199 Pengaruh Aromaterapi Terhadap Kualitas Tidur, Kualitas Hidup, Kelelahan & Kecemasan Pada Pasien Diabetes Melitus <p><strong><em>Background</em></strong><em>: Diabetes mellitus is an incurable disease but can be controlled by controlling blood sugar levels and improving sleep quality and quality of life in people with diabetes. The prevalence of diabetes mellitus in Banten province has increased in 2013 by 1.3%, while in 2018 it was 2.2%.The purpose of this </em><em>study </em><em>is to determine the effectiveness of aromatherapy in patients with diabetes mellitus. <strong>Methods</strong>: The method used to analyze data is Systematic Literature Review. Search for articles using google scholar database, PubMed, Research Gate, and Elsevier and get eight relevant articles and analyzed using the simplified thematic approach. The article selection process is done using a PRISMA flow diagram. <strong>Results</strong>: lavender aromatherapy, bitter orange and sandalwood </em><em>or</em><em> sandalwood significantly affect changes in sleep quality, quality of life, anxiety and fatigue in patients with type 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus with a combination of massage therapy and foot exercises. Thus, it can be concluded that aromatherapy is effective on sleep quality, quality of life, anxiety and fatigue in patients with type 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus.</em><strong><em>Conclusion</em></strong><em>: Therefore, the use of aromatherapy can be recommended as a non-pharmacological intervention that can affect sleep quality in patients with type 2.</em></p> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> Mega Ariska Ida Faridah Yati Afiyanti ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2020-11-30 2020-11-30 9 2 237 259 10.37341/interest.v9i2.229 Peningkatan Kualitas Hidup Orang Dengan Gangguan Jiwa Dengan Self Help Group Di Kota Surakarta <p><strong>Introduction:</strong> People who experience mental disorders who experience various problems, with different symptoms, generally they have characteristics with some combination of abnormal thoughts, emotions, behavior and relationships with other people that manifest in the form of a series of symptoms and / or changes in behavior which is meaningful and can cause suffering and obstacles in carrying out people's functions as humans (UU Kesehatan no 18 tahun &nbsp;2014; WHO, 2017; &amp;&nbsp; WHO, 2018). This is a serious health problem, which usually has problems with poor quality of life. They are associated with feelings of distress, lack of control over symptoms and life in general, negative perceptions of self, stigmatization and rejection, reduced activity and difficulty with daily functioning, and negative outlook. (Connell, J, Brazier, J, O'Cathain, A, Jones, M.L. &amp; Paisley, S., 2012). Group interventions carried out by nurses such as group activity therapy, supportive therapy and self-help groups to help individuals improvement in&nbsp; their quality of life. Group therapy, one of the self help group, is a group where each member has the same desire to overcome mental disorders or increase the level of cognitive or emotional well-being among group members (Sulistyowati., E.C. &amp; Sulistyowati D, 2018). Self Help Group aims to develop empathy among fellow group members where fellow group members provide mutual reinforcement which has an impact on improving the quality of life. This study aims to determine the improvement of the quality of life of people with mental disorders (ODGJ) with the self help group in the city of Surakarta. <strong>Methods:</strong> This was a quasi-experimental study with a pre-post test control group design. Data were taken before and after giving the intervention of self-help groups of schizophrenia patients in the intervention group. The total sample was 160 clients divided into&nbsp; 2 groups, namely 80 respondents for group 1 at Griya PMI and 80 respondents for group 2 at RSJD Dr Arif Z Surakarta, each group consisting of 40 respondents for intervention and 40 respondents for the control group. This study measures the quality of life with a research instrument using a life quality questionnaire. Data were analyzed using Paired t-test, Wilcoxon signed ranks test, independent t-test and Mann Whitney-test. Results: The study proved that there was a statistically significant difference in the quality of life before and after giving the self help group (p value, 0.000) between the intervention group and the control group, both at Griya PMI with a mean difference of 20.23 and at RSJD Dr. Arif Z. self help group with a mean difference of 10.85. <strong>Conclusion:</strong> self help group which is used for intervention is considered effective to improve quality of life. <strong>Suggestion:</strong> self help group is used as a mental nursing group intervention in caring for mentally ill patients.</p> Endang Caturini Insiyah Insiyah ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2020-11-30 2020-11-30 9 2 260 268 10.37341/interest.v9i2.264