Kesiapan Mahasiswa Kesehatan terhadap Penerapan Pendidikan Interprofesional di Indonesia

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PDF    Published May 28, 2020    DOI      Abstract viewed: 285   PDF viewed: 676  
Reny Ayu Damayanti
Adang Bachtiar


Background: Interprofessional education (IPE) is important to create effective interprofessional collaboration also improve quality of health care. Student readiness and perception of IPE will influence the implementation of IPE. This study aimed to analyze an overview, factors that influence and obstacles related to students' readiness and perception of the application of IPE in Indonesia. Methods: Literature reviews with multi-step literature searched on IPE from online databases such as ProQuest; ScienceDirect; SpringerLink and Google scholars by applying the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Samples of 8 studies met the criteria and then analyzed for the study. Results: Most of students have a positive perception and readiness for IPE. Factors influencing students' readiness and perception such as motivation; study program options; student cognitive level; culture; initial clinical experience / exposure; IPE experience in the curriculum; and the readiness of lectures. Conclusion: It is necessary to find a solution in anticipating obstacles in encouraging students' readiness and perception of the application of IPE in Indonesia, including unclear role constraints (role blurring) and the stigma of feeling inferior compared to other health professions.

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