Formulasi Dan Uji Hedonik Serbuk Jamu Instan Antioksidan Buah Naga Super Merah (Hylocereus Costaricensis) Dengan Pemanis Alami Daun Stevia (Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni M.)

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PDF    Published Nov 1, 2016    DOI      Abstract viewed: 503   PDF viewed: 692  
Indri Kusuma Dewi
Titik Lestari


Abstract: Jamu Instant Powder, Dragon Fruit Super Red, Stevia, Physical Test, Antioxidant, Hedonic. Dragon fruit super red has antioxidant activity, so dragon fruit super red formulated in jamu instant powder dosage form because can be useful to society without brewing before with natural sweetener stevia leaf. The aim of this research to know formulation jamu instant powder dosage form antioxidant dragon fruit super red with natural sweetener stevia leaf and hedonic test and test of antioxidant activity. This study was a descriptive study and laboratory design. The evaluation included physical test is water content, flowability time, an angel of repose, uniformity of weight, organoleptic dan pH; antioxidant activity with IC50 parameters, hedonic measurement with hedonic scale. The result showed physical test jamu instant powder included water content 1,85%; flowability time 35,97 second; an angel of repose 37,34°, uniformity of weight 1,01775 gram, organoleptic is purplish red of color, unpleasant odor, soft of texture dan sweet of taste; and result of pH 4,47. The result measurement antioxidant activity had coverage categories antioxidant activity with IC50 at 132,125 ppm. Hedonic test results of colour indicators 63,3% of respondents are very like, from the colour indicators 46,7% of the respondents does not like, from the taste indicators 46,7% of the respondent are like, while texture indicators 50% are like.

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