Pertanggungjawaban Hukum Praktik Tukang Gigi Yang Melebihi Wewenangnya

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Devi Dharmawan
Ivonne Jonathan


Background: The public's lack of understanding of the different professions of dental artisans, dental technicians, and dentists has an impact on the practice that exceeds the authority carried out for years without any legal consequences borne by dental artisans. Although the regulations concerning work that can be done by dental artisans have been clearly explained in Permenkes No. 39 of 2014 this is still violated by dental artisans. In this case, the people are victims because of ignorance and high local wisdom in certain areas. Method: This study uses a type of normative juridical legal research. Normative legal research is research that focuses its study by viewing the law as a whole system rule which includes a set of principles, norms, and rules of law, both written and unwritten. Results: Giving the right to claim compensation to the patient is an effort to provide protection for each patient for a result that arises both physically and non-physically due to a mistake or negligence by health personnel. Conclusion: Dental workers can be charged with the Criminal Code article 359, 360, 361, namely whoever is due to his mistake (negligence) causes other people to be injured, severely disabled, or even die. In addition, the Consumer Protection Act No.8 of 1999 Article 4 of the Consumer Protection Law has the right to comfort, security and safety in consuming goods and/or services that can be used.

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Dharmawan, D., & Jonathan, I. (2019). Pertanggungjawaban Hukum Praktik Tukang Gigi Yang Melebihi Wewenangnya. Interest : Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan, 8(1), 121–129.