Pengaruh Pijat Bayi yang dilakukan oleh Ibu terhadap Tumbuh-Kembang dan Tidur Bayi di Kabupaten Klaten

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Paryono Paryono
Ari Kurniarum


Background: Optimal growth and development of babies can be done through stimulation of the touch by containing massage. Babies who are massaged sleep more and compile waking up fresher. In Klaten District, parents ask for masseur services because their children are fussy and have trouble sleeping. No less than 30 babies every day who come in one massage place, even on holidays more than 60 babies who come. If you can do the massage yourself, you will be able to save money and get closer to the relationship between mother and baby, including other developments and developments, and help the baby's development. Purpose this study is analyze the effect of infant massage conducted by the mother on the growth and development of infants in Klaten Regency, it can be seen the growth and development of infant sleep. Methods: The research method is quasi-experimental with control. The study was conducted for 6 months, the intervention for 1 month consisted of training in infant massage in the group of mothers who had babies and conditioning other groups as a control group (not suitable for training). The group treated massage their babies every week for 1 month, while the other group (control) did not do massage. Data collected includes body, body length, the ability of motion received by the baby and the quality of sleep performed before and after massage in the control groups, as well as in the control groups at the time performed for 1 month. The research location is in Klaten Regency with a sample of the area in the working area of ​​Trucuk and Central Klaten Puskesmas. Data analysis was carried out for 1 month to test hypotheses using the paired "t" test to measure body weight, body length and sleep quality before and then get a good massage in the treated group with good control, through the unpaired "t" test to measure the babies given massage compared to babies who are not massaged. Results: Tests of growth and development of babies and sleep between before and after the baby was massage by the results obtained with p <0.05 and in infants who were massaged by babies who were massaged obtained with p <0.05. Conclusion: Infant massage is provided by the mother for baby's growth and development and sleep in Klaten Regency.

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Paryono, P., & Kurniarum, A. (2020). Pengaruh Pijat Bayi yang dilakukan oleh Ibu terhadap Tumbuh-Kembang dan Tidur Bayi di Kabupaten Klaten. Interest : Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan, 9(1), 44–49.