Pengetahuan Remaja Tentang Konsumsi Alkohol

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Irma Darmawati
Lita Nurlita
Helwiyah Ropi


Background: Alcohol misuse increase between adolescent. They are more concerned with peer’s solidarity in drinking without being accompanied by a good knowledge. The aim of this study is to define adolescent’s knowledge about alcohol consumption. Methods: A Cross Sectional study was conducted in 35 alcoholic adolescent  respondents with 12-22 years age range. Results: Knowledge assesment result showed that 60% respondents had a lack of knowledge, and 100% had negative attitudes and practices towards Alcohol consumption. Conclusion: Lack of knowledge related alcohol consumption in adolescents can spread to another risk behaviors in adolescents. Health workers should optimize the youth program such as PKPR in puskesmas by conducting health education especially on alcoholism and the long-term impact in the future.

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Darmawati, I., Nurlita, L., & Ropi, H. (2020). Pengetahuan Remaja Tentang Konsumsi Alkohol. Interest : Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan, 9(2), 134–141.